SHBP Enrollment Portal

In the SHBP Enrollment Portal, an Employer can view the same information an employee sees, such as coverage status, coverage effective dates, coverage end dates, plan options and tier, pending dependents, and employee and employer transactions.

The SHBP Enrollment Portal includes every employee the Employer successfully transmits to SHBP that is currently associated with its Payroll Location(s), regardless of whether or not the employee is enrolled in or even eligible for SHBP coverage including:

  • Active Members
  • Eligible Employees
  • Pending Retirees
  • Ineligible Employees

This information is also available in the Employer’s Employing Entity Report produced monthly in SHRT.

Requesting or Removing Access

Employers who need to request access to or remove access from the SHBP Enrollment Portal for their benefits staff, please click here

Viewing Employee Data

After access is granted, the benefits staff must register for a Username and Password the same as all employees. For instructions on registering for the SHBP Enrollment Portal, click here.

Note: Please note an Employer’s benefits staff must have a current employee eligibility record transmitted by the Employer placing them in their applicable Payroll Location prior to them being granted access to view employee data.