Welcome, Retirees!

Welcome, Retirees!

You have faithfully served the State of Georgia, and SHBP is here to serve you.

For SHBP purposes, a Retiree is a person who was enrolled and covered by SHBP immediately prior to their retirement (i.e., with no break in coverage), receives a monthly annuity from a State Retirement System at the time of their retirement, and is currently enrolled in SHBP coverage as a Retiree.

The State Retirement Systems participating in SHBP include:        

  • Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia (ERS)
  • Legislative Retirement System (LRS)
  • Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS)
  • Judicial Retirement System (JRS)
  • Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS)
  • Certain local school systems’ teacher’s retirement systems

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