Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plan Options

The State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) offers Medicare-eligible members Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan Options (Standard and Premium) from two different vendors:

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Standard
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Premium
UnitedHealthcare Logo
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Standard
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Premium

No Coordination with Medicare: The benefits paid under the MA Plan Options reflect what Medicare would have paid (except for some plan enhancements); therefore, it does not coordinate benefits with Medicare.

Medicare Parts A, B, and D Included: MA Plan Options include Medicare Parts A, B, and D. You must have Medicare Parts A and B to enroll in a MA Option. MA Plan Options include Medicare Part D drug benefits. Individuals who have lived at least five years in the United States may purchase Medicare Part B coverage even if they did not contribute to Social Security or work the number of required quarters.

For more information on Medicare Advantage eligibility requirements, visit the Active Members or Retirees section of our website.