To reach your dedicated Employer Services Specialists via phone, employers should call SHBP Member Services at 800-610-1863 and when prompted, select the appropriate option to be transferred to SHBP Employer Services.

After an employer is transferred to SHBP Employer Services, when prompted to enter the option number for their dedicated Employer Services Specialist, employers should enter their assigned option number. If you are unsure of the option number for your dedicated Specialist, Download this pdf file. click here

Phone Inquiries are Logged into the SHBP Employer (X)change

All Employer inquiries received via phone are logged into the SHBP Employer (X)change. This insures SHBP maintains a record of the inquiry for future reference, inquiry response tracking, and quality assurance and training purposes.

Employer Callback Option 

Employers have the option after holding for a certain period of time, to leave a message and receive a callback within one business day. When things get busy, please take advantage of this feature or visit the (X)change.