The SHBP Employer (X)change System (i.e., the “Xchange” or simply “X”) provides a two-way communication tool for information sharing between Employers and their dedicated Employer Services Specialists.

(X)change Escalation Process

If an employer believes the resolution received by their employer services specialist requires additional review, the employer should follow the SHBP Employer Services X(change) Escalation Process. For a printable version of 2019 (X)change Escalation Process click here.

  • Required Fields: Required fields are indicated with an asterisk and must be completed.
  • Payroll Location Field: When you begin typing your employer name in the Payroll Location field, choose the applicable employer payroll location. Note if you have multiple locations, you must select at least one.
  • Payroll Location Contact Name Field: After selecting the applicable Employer Payroll Location, if your name is not listed in the Contact Name field, please select “Other”. Selecting “Other” will allow you to add your information to the Xchange.
  • Inquiry Field: The Inquiry Field should include detailed information regarding why you are contacting your dedicated Employer Services Specialists.
  • Upload Attachments Field: Allows you to upload attachments in the following formats, including but not limited to PDF, JPEG, CVS and TXT.