Instructions on how to attend a ROCP session BY PHONE.

What is needed to participate in the teleconference meetings?

The only thing you need to participate in one of these meetings is a telephone (landline or cell phone).

Dialing in:
  • Dial the teleconference number 888-950-8043.
    • When dialing in to the call, you will be asked to enter a participant access code to join the conference. This code was included in the RSVP confirmation email you received, or you may use the participant code 7061063.
Once you are connected:
  • All participants are placed on hold until the meeting begins.
  • You will be in listen-only mode.
    • You will hear hold music while you are waiting for the meeting to start.
    • You will not be able to hear other participants until Q&A begins.
    • At the direction of the hosts, the participants may hear the moderator give updates on when the meeting will begin.
Once the meeting begins:
  • When the meeting starts, the participants will hear the following instructions:
    • Welcome to the State Health Benefit Plan Retiree Option Change Period Meeting. At this time all participants are placed in a listen-only mode.
    • The moderator will introduce the hosts, and the presentation will begin.
    • Participants will hear the recorded presentation.
Question and answer session:
  • Once the presentation is completed, the moderator will provide instructions on how participants can ask their questions, if needed.
    • Participants wanting to ask a question will follow the instructions, which will allow the moderator to place your call in line to ask your question.
    • Once the first question is ready the moderator will open the first participant line so that they can ask their question.
    • Lines will be opened one at a time, and you will be instructed when your line is open to ask your question.
    • The host will use wording such as, “We have our first question, caller 1 go ahead.”
    • The host will answer the question and advise the moderator to open the line for the next question.
  • Note: questions and answers are heard by all hosts and participants.
  • This process is repeated until all questions are answered.
  • Once the Q&A portion is completed, the hosts will provide closing remarks and instruct the moderator to conclude the meeting.