Instructions on how to attend a ROCP meeting ONLINE.

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    What is needed to participate in the Webex Event meetings?

    • You will need a computer, or a smart phone or tablet to participate in the Webex option
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    Set-up Prior to the Meeting:

    • In advance of the meeting, make sure your computer is set up to allow you to join the Webex Event. To set up your computer before the meeting, click on  
      • You will be directed to the ‘Set Up’ link which will prepare your computer in advance of the meeting.
      • Online 1
    • Click the ‘Set Up’ link. You will receive a “Setting up Webex message, and when complete you will receive a ‘Setup Webex Events Complete’ message
      • ROCP Online 2
      • ROCP Online 3
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    Joining the Meeting:

    • On the day of the event, to join the meeting, select the link to the meeting.
    • On the Event Information page, enter the required details. You may be asked to enter an event password (Shbp@2021). Click the "Join Now" button.
      • ROCP Online 4
    • Once you join the event, you will automatically be connected to the meeting. The audio/sound for the meeting will play via your computer device.
      • Your microphone will be muted and you will be in a ‘listen only’ mode for the duration of the meeting
      • Be sure your computer speaker volume is not on mute and is turned up so you can hear the presentation
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    Question and Answer Session

    • After the presentation, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions via the Q&A feature.
      • On the right-hand panel view, you can type a question in the Q&A panel
      • Please send your question to “All Panelists”

    You can expand the Q&A box by clicking the small arrow in front of Q&A

    ROCP Online 5
    ROCP Online 6


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    If you are having difficulties joining an event, you can contact:
    Cisco Webex Support - U.S. and Canada Toll-Free 1-866-229-3239
    Select prompt 2, then prompt 1

    If you are unable to hear audio, make sure your computer is not on mute and the volume is turned up. Your audio is streaming through your computer and requires the sound on your computer to be turned up.

    If you are unable to attend a meeting, you will be able to view the 2021 ROCP Education Presentation at