Annuitant Basic Subsidy Age 65 or Older Non-Medicare Advantage (Unsubsidized)

These rates apply to retirees and their dependents age 65 or older who failed to timely submit Medicare Part B, have had their SHBP Medicare Advantage plan option terminated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and/or the Social Security Administration for any reason (e.g., Medicare Part B termination), or chose to remain in a Commercial Unsubsidized Plan Option. An additional 2 percent administration fee will be added to members SHBP bill directly.

Annuitant Commercial Non-Medicare Advantage (65+) Rates
January 1 - December 31, 2024

  You You + Spouse
Anthem Gold $1,703.79 $3,407.58
Anthem Silver $1,560.71 $3,121.42
Anthem Bronze $1,466.67 $2,933.34
Anthem HMO $1,623.88 $3,247.76
UHC HMO $1,711.27 $3,422.54
UHC HDHP $1,426.80 $2,853.60
Kaiser HMO $818.36 $1,718.57


2023 Annuitant Basic Subsidy Age 65+ Non-MA (Unsubsidized) Rates