SHBP Benefits Professionals Conference

The 2nd Annual SHBP BENPRO Conference is scheduled again on the beautiful Jekyll Island, Georgia, Monday, August 6, 2018 through Wednesday, August 8, 2018. For this year’s theme, we are focusing on preparing Benefits Professionals for Success.

The State Health Benefit Plan is pleased to host the Benefits Professionals Conference (BenPro). It takes an army of staff, providers, and vendors to administer the State Health Benefit Plan. BenPro is our way of saying thank you to our greatest asset – the Benefit Professionals at the approximately 570 employers we serve with a combined total of over 850 payroll locations. 

At BenPro

At BenPro, Benefits Professionals will gain a greater knowledge about SHBP from an employer’s perspective, including plan processes, the benefits we offer, and the various vendors that work with the plan. We have also developed numerous course offerings, all of which were designed based on the current needs of employers, as well as from trending issues SHBP has been monitoring. 

Our purpose and our goal is that by the end of the conference, Benefits Professionals will gain a greater knowledge of eligibility, and the benefits and services we offer to your employees and retirees, and ultimately how your jobs as Benefit Professionals fit into the larger picture of the plan. 

We are also hosting a benefits fair onsite because many of you are members as well.

Who Should Attend BenPro

All Benefits Professionals who administer SHBP benefits to their employees.