COVID-19 At-Home Test Kits

Effective January 15, 2022:  In compliance with a federal mandate, SHBP is now covering up to 8 FDA approved covid at-home test kits per member per month. Coverage of these test kits is available through both the medical and the pharmacy benefit for all SHBP self-insured plans through Anthem and UHC. This coverage does not apply to the SHBP Medicare Advantage plans. Members can get their at-home covid test kit at any in-network pharmacy. Some pharmacies will offer the ability to process the purchase through their pharmacy system with no out of pocket cost to the member. Check at your local pharmacy counter to see if they have that capability. If not, members can still purchase the at-home test kit and submit their receipt online through either their medical claims administrators or through CVS for reimbursement. Receipts for reimbursement cannot be submitted to both the medical claims administrators and CVS, members are limited to reimbursement through whichever one vendor they choose to use for reimbursement. To submit your receipts, go to either the Anthem, UHC or CVS websites listed on your benefit card.  

Reimbursement is as follows:
• Purchases made January 15, 2022 – January 31, 2022: member submitted claims will be reimbursed their full purchase price.  
• Purchases February 1, 2022 and forward: member submitted claims maximum reimbursement will be: $12.00 per at home test ($24.00 for a two test kit box) or the purchase price, whichever is least. 

Questions?  Contact Anthem, UHC, or CVS at the numbers on the back of your card.
Kaiser Permanente members: Please go to the KP website for details on purchasing at-home covid test kits.